This is the biggest question in aviation: 

How much will it cost me?

Unfortunately this is a hard question to answer. Each student is unique and can take different amounts of time to complete a course. Mainly it depends on how fast someone picks up the skills and how often they can fly. Once or twice a week is a minimum to progress with the more complex skills and any length gaps will set a student back a bit. The minimum flight time per regulations is 40 hours but typically the national averages are more in the range of 55 to 65 hours. A general estimate to complete a private pilot certificate should be around a total cost of $6,000 to $8,000.

Aircraft Rates - Cessna 172 rates (with fuel): $80 per hour
                                                     (block rate): $75 per hour

Instructor Rates - $45 per hour
                              $40 per hour (block rate)

Simulator Rates - ATC-610: $20 per hour

Since we are a small flight school, it is more economical for the student to purchase a non-owner insurance policy for coverage than we can purchase commercial hull coverage. New Frontiers Aviation carries a commercial liability policy on the aircraft and between the two policies both student and school are protected very well. To obtain this, call AOPA at 1-800-622-2672 and ask for a quotation for non-owners insurance coverage with a hull value of $40,000. Your cost should be about $500 per year for coverage.

Block Rates - We offer lower rates if you pre-purchase a block of flight time. The minimum for the block rate is $4000 held in an escrow account that is not used or transferred until the training lessons have been completed. The funds held are yours until used and would be immediately available should you not continue your training. ($4000 would equal about 36 flight hours with a flight instructor)

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