Biennial Flight Review

Every two years pilots are required by the FAA to do Biennial Flight Review (BFR) that consists of at least 1 hour of ground and 1 hour of flight instruction with a CFI. BFRs are training events that are intended to refresh the pilot on the basics of flying, knock the rust off of subjects that have not been thought about in a while, and cover FAA hot topics.

Though this is a training event, pilots should come prepared. Here are a few recommended areas to study at home before your BFR:

Ground Related Items:                                                

FAR part 61 and 91                                                       
Aviation Weather                                                           
Weight and Balance                                                    
Aircraft Performance                                                    
Sectional Charts and Airspace

Flight Maneuvers:

Power On and Off Stalls
Slow Flight
Steep Turns
Short and Soft Field Landings
Go Arounds
Emergency Procedures

(This is not a complete list of subjects that can be covered. Your BFR will be tailored to your ratings and the type of flying that you do.)

We can use your aircraft or ours. (Standard aircraft and instructor rates apply)

Call or Email us to schedule your BFR.

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