Private Pilot Course

What are the steps to get a private pilot certificate?
Here is a list of the steps that will get you flying. Some of these steps can be done in a slightly different order or at the same time.

Ground School - Students must learn a lot of information to prepare them for the FAA Knowledge Test. Most of the information is easy and common sense, but it can be a bit overwhelming. We highly recommend that the student enrolls in a Private Pilot Ground School Course at a dedicated flight school. Students may choose to study at home with several programs available via books, on-line or video. These programs allow the student to go at their own pace whenever and wherever they would like. However, they can be more challenging and time consuming to learn the necessary knowledge to pass the test. We recommend and have had good results with students who have used both Sportys: Click Here! and King Schools: Click Here! Another way to study for the FAA Knowledge test is one-on-one ground instruction with your flight instructor. This is an excellent option for learning all the information, but can get very expensive at the flight instructor's hourly rate.

FAA Knowledge Test - This test is a 60 question multiple choice test given at a designated FAA testing center. You must have an endorsement from a flight instructor stating that you have been given adequate training to pass the test. The FAA requires the student to be a minimum age of 15 in order to take this test.

Medical Exam/Student Pilot Certificate - All private pilots must get a medical from an FAA designated medical examiner every 2-5 years (depending on age). When the pilot passes the medical exam they receive a medical certificate. Your first medical exam will act as both your medical certificate and your student pilot certificate.

Flight Training - You will fly with your flight instructor and also do some supervised solo flying. Normally this takes around 55-65 hours of flight time (the FAA minimum is 40 hours). Each student is different and can take different amounts of time to complete the training. See our Cost page for more information.

FAA Flight Exam - This is a two part test that starts with an oral exam on the ground with an FAA designated examiner lasting about 1-2 hours. The second part is the flight test where you fly with the same examiner demonstrating what you have learned with your flight instructor. This also can last 1-2 hours. The FAA requires the student to be a minimum age of 17 in order to take this test.

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