What can I do with a Private Pilot Certificate?



What can you do with a Private Pilot Certificate?

You can fly just about any airplane anywhere you want. A favorite past-time is going for the "$100 hamburger". This is simply flying yourself, family or friends to an airport with a restaurant to enjoy the day, food and company. Or maybe you want to fly to your favorite airshow or air museum. Do you like to camp? You could fly your plane somewhere remote, setup your tent and enjoy the great outdoors. The adventures are limitless!

A Private Pilot Certificate is more than just a license to fly, it is a license to learn. You can expand your ratings from there to allow you to fly in more adverse conditions, or allow you to start a career in flying. The usual progression for a career pilot is similar to this:

Private Pilot Certificate
Instrument Rating
Commercial Certificate
Multi Engine Rating
Certified Flight Instructor Certificate
Airline Transport Pilot Certificate

While a pilot is earning these ratings they will be gaining valuable flight experience and flight time that allows them to move on to other fields in aviation. Airlines, Cargo, Corporate, Government--the aviation world is vast and offers many different opportunities.

Call or Email us and we can help guide you in the direction that interests you the most!

Another example of what you can do with a Private Pilot Certificate:
Either fly the photo ship, or be the one getting pictures of their plane made.

Aircraft Photos courtesy of Ryan Lunde - Championairphotos.comĀ